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Twice the Clothes AND Wrinkle-Free?

We have all arrived at the final destination to find everything a wrinkled mess and just wishing we'd had the room for that ONE thing. But behold, the miracle packing solution has appeared. I first found bundle-wrapping when searching for a ski trip packing list several years ago, and was immediately intrigued by this notion of nestling all my clothes into one strangely efficient lump that left room to spare in the suitcase. For years, I'd known those who rolled religiously, stacking up little cylindrical bundles in their luggage like so many logs to be thrown on the travel fire. But bundling? This was a new concept, and once I tried it, I was hooked. I could get twice as many clothes packed in, they looked better on arrival, and it turns out that this packing method is exceptionally well suited for cruising.

Azure Request Travel Service Tip:  Bundle wrapping packing method is best luggage hack ever

I think I first learned from the extensive directions on - their diagram is especially helpful - and Real Simple has a click-by-click write-up. Both of these resources do a lovely job of describing the process so I will summarize here. You start by laying out your bulkiest items, like jackets, on the bed, smoothing out the wrinkles along the back and leaving it somewhat open. If you have more bulkies, layer them opposite, so that the waists and necks meet up for each consecutive layer. Now on to dress shirts, pants, and dresses perpendicular to the bulky layer, finally ending with your bundle of intimates. Then it's time to bundle it all up into one, tight, dense packet of clothing - a week's worth in a carry on, plus room for shoes. This method can be tiresome if you move to a new location each night of your trip, but to pack for a cruise, it can't be beat.

One more tip, on luggage - be sure to have your name tag on the outside, but also to keep your contact info inside in case the outer tag is lost. And don't forget your travel insurance!

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